A Lunatic Encounter and other Fall Fun

Last week it was strangely warm, even by my friend visiting from South Carolina’s standards. This week it truly feels like fall! Saturday morning we got up and tossed up a few ideas before loading up and driving to Kansas. I had free wristbands to the Mother Earth News Fair in Topeka and we decided to take advantage.

We really wish we had left Friday and enjoyed the whole weekend, but we only attended Sunday. Though, we were one of the first dozen cars there and chased out at the end by 3 security guards! More about that later. 😉

Our break point on the way was the Turtle Playground in St. Louis and dinner. I was so sad that we didn’t get to eat at Tucanos (they had a 2 hr wait), but that’s ok. The boys enjoyed the day very much, even if they did drive us crazy in the car! lol!!

We stayed on the Kansas side of Kansas City, arriving about 10PM. Kansas City is MASSIVE,, by the way. City lights stretched for MILES!

We left after packing up and breakfast for the last hour leg of out trip. The country side really spread out, but there were still lots of trees! The doors at the Expocenter wouldn’t open until 9AM, but we were there, waiting, before many distributors even arrived. Matt and I flipped through the paper schedule, trying to decide what talks would be best and which booths demanded a visit.

The first talk of the day was at 9:30, Salad Bar Beef, by Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms. Matt really wanted to catch this one (I did, too), but I felt it pertinent to catch the Garlic Talk, since we have 6 lbs to plant this week. We decided to divide and conquer. Though I learned a bit, Matt’s texting of messages like , “This man is a genius!” made me wish I could have heard Joel. Matt and I both read “Folks, this ain’t normal” by Joel Salatin, but hearing him speak is truly an awesome thing, as I would see later in the day when I listened to the final talk, Joel’s Benchmarks of Truth. In between we listened, talked, tasted yummy things, and pet adorable animals.


After the last talk ended, a bathroom break was a must before getting on the road. Then some talking with another homeschool family. As we prepared to walk out, the center was ready to shut us out and start clean up, Joel just happened to be standing in the doorway!! Not only did he autograph Matt’s “Salad Bar Beef” book and take a picture with me, he talked with us 10- 15 min. We all actually had to be asked to leave by 3 different security guards. Joel Salatin is a genius! He is also kind, devoted, full of life, vigor, and creativity. Apparently, according to his bio, he is also a Christian libertarian environmentalist capitalist Lunatic farmer. It was a pleasure to be amongst a Lunatic Farmer! 🙂


We stopped about halfway through Missouri for the night and made an hour pit stop at the St. Louis Zoo before driving home. The fair was a learning experience and I am thankful we were able to attend.

Yesterday we drove to the farm. It was a great night for camping it the cabin! This morning we had fire-perculated coffee before tilling up a garlic row, asparagus row, and scooping 2 Gator beds full of mud to fill in a low spot in the front yard. It was such a beautiful day!


How is Autumn in your neck of the woods??

Many blessings my friends! ❤










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