Horse Progress Days

It was a dreary type of Friday. Light mists, fog, lots of gray. All the better!! As soon as Matt got home from work and changed clothes, we loaded up and headed to Odon, IN. The drive was nice, we had time to chat as a family and listen to our audiobook (We are on #5 in the Little Britches series, by Ralph Moody).

As future small farmers, the thought of doing as much as we can the “Old Fashioned” way is idealistic to us, if not a bit naive at times…lol! We dream of our farm being ran by horsepower! As in 4 legs! Or, more than likely, 8! 2 HP!!! Woohooo! 😀 So, a few weeks ago, when I found out about an event showcasing draft horses at work in the Amish area an hour north of us, I knew we should go!

Being a holiday weekend made it a bit rough with Matt’s crazy work schedule, and he only got 5 or so hrs of sleep today, but we were thrilled to go and wished we could have spent all day. Sadly, we missed the parade of breeds. And the auction proceeding it, which might be a good thing, knowing Matt! Ha!! And we didn’t get to watch as much as we would have liked. It was BIGGER than I expected! People came from all over to attend. Many were Simple Folk. We always feel right comfortable in their company, as their ideals are so much more on track with ours than 90% of America. So we were cramming it in! And if you know my husband, personally, you know he doesn’t avoid good conversation. 10 minutes with the Bee Guy here, 15 with the walk behind tractor guy there, and a nice 20 or so with the Amish gentleman from Iowa!

And did I mention it was muddy? As in I REALLY shoulda wore my rubber boots. But, nope, I went in flip flops. I saw several young Amish ladies barefoot, and the idea was carefully considered on my part, but I decided against it.

There was a playground area, booths, a petting animal tent, and one booth even had a Gypsy Vanner!!! Yes, my friends, it is my dream horse…. ❤ They also had the neatest restore Gypsy Cart! Enjoy the pictures!

We arrived, parked in a pasture, directed by sweet Simple young gals on horseback. We rode a school bus (the boys were ECSTATIC!) to the entry of the event, and from there took a wagon in. Our wagon going in was a pair of mules, coming out was Clydesdales. On the way on the bus, it was neat to see all the buggies grouped together! We had seen plenty of buggies grouped together before, but not HUNDREDS! A sea of them!

july33 july34


The first stop for us was this lovely High Tunnel green house. The tomatoes!!! Wow!! We plan to see what one would cost for our garden.

july36 july37

We watched the horse for a bit working the ground with sprayers and such. I apologize that I only had my cell for photos today. I was worried my camera would get rained on! We did get closer than this photo, but I forgot to take any pictures!!! :/


These few are the Gypsy and Petting Animals.

july38 july313 july300 july30 july39 july310 july311 july312 july314

After we left, we stopped at Stoll’s, an Amish Buffet, for Supper and looked at West Boggs Lake before driving home. It was so nice and cool! A lovely family day!!

july319 july318


Tomorrow is Independence Day. God Bless America. My prayers for this country are of healing. We are broken right now. How we got here isn’t the concern, only to learn, to unite again. I pray for this fervently. For my children and grandchildren, and so forth. So they can have freedoms, not have them taken. And I pray for those who fight for those freedoms. Amen.

Be safe tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Horse Progress Days

  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful day! Nice way to start the holiday and weekend! We have lots of Amish folks around here. We live 1 1/2 hours from Lancaster. JT and I used to take a day or two and go over to shop or visit some Amish friends or family. Not so much anymore but we have been talking about doing it again soon.

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