Isabelle is home!!

It was a long night last night! I couldn’t keep Sawyer and Gabriel asleep, I think they were anxious to see Sissy! But at 3:30, sleep was again interrupted, by the screaming of a chicken! We ran out, barefoot, PJs, Matt lugging a shotgun, me a flashlight, to find our Mama Hen terrified and her feathers pulled out and stuck all over a corner of her pen. Baby Chickie was not to be seen. 😦 Sad, but it is just part of this life.

We got up, rolling out of bed, tired and sore, but ready! We got dressed and headed for breakfast at the little place in Selvin before heading toward KY. It was so early, we didn’t have to be at Higher Ground until 1:30, and we took our time. We made a few stops and followed some for sale signs before finally turning into HGMM’s drive. It was a BEAUTIFUL day! And a comfortable 78 degrees!


Isabelle was right out front when we pulled in. And though she was heading out to saddle a horse, she took time to love on her brothers!!


Meanwhile we took a minute to talk with Sarah and Brystol while the boys had a moment to play before walking down to watch the “Rodeo”! Isabelle was to ride Barrels, so she had to wait while the other teams ran Poles and Keyhole. She already ran those earlier in the day.


Finally the field was prepared for Barrels!! Isabelle was one of the last to run. She had plans to ride Scout, the sorrel she had been riding on and off all week. But someone suggested she just ride Thunder, who she hadn’t been on. Aside from that, she hadn’t got to practice much, since last night when they had scheduled to they were in a cellar waiting for a storm to pass for a few hours. Thunder didn’t quite ride how she expected and she hit a barrel, but I was still PROUD!!


Then she and her friends rode up to the barn so awards could be given at the tent.


The closing ceremony was nice! A picture slide of the week was shown, awards given, and Isabelle’s group read a poem they wrote about Joseph. Isabelle won 2 awards; a small lime green ribbon, her award for “Growing in Grace” and a Champion ribbon awarded for her team winning in Pole Bending. The boys happily played at the playground. 🙂 We visited and walked around a bit. Isabelle had to show off her favorite horse, Checkers! Soon we were saying Goodbye.



Isabelle and I took a short walk, just the two of us. She had dropped her Grace ribbon. It was a nice few moments of Mother and Daughter reflecting. 🙂 She says she enjoyed taking care of horses. And it wasn’t as hard as she thought it would be. Makes this Horse- Lovin’- Mama’s heart smile!



She would like to go back! She had fun, though she was homesick. And I know this was so wonderful for her! I am so thankful to the group at Higher Ground. They are doing God’s work in a powerful way. Brystol is an amazing young lady with a vision and plan that is led by prayer and God’s hand. I am so glad we could be part of it.


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