Blueberries and a prayer request

On Saturday, as we were driving home, the blueberry patch near us had put their sign out. So, spur of the moment we headed in and picked 2 large buckets of berries! None of us had ever picked blueberries before, so it was super fun. Typically, we just grab already picked ones, but they were sold out.

Gabriel was a great picker! Sawyer picked a handful at a tim, but I don’t think one ever went in the bucket. 😛 We made it great family time! We took our bluetooth speaker and listened to our audiobook while we picked. We are working through the Little Britches series, by Ralph Moody.



We ate a bunch, froze 15 cups, and I made Blueberry Oatmeal crumble bars Saturday and these tarts today. They are shortbread, homemade custard, and blueberry compote. YUM!

DSCN5399 DSCN5401

I hope we can get over there one more time this week. We shall see. The heat is pretty brutal this week.

Which brings me to my request. Isabelle and the other campers and staff are out in it most of the day. I pray, and ask that you join me, that they stay as cool as possible and well hydrated. She seems to be having fun! She has a group she “hangs” with! 😀 They are called Sky apparently. I know no other details, though.

She sent me this picture Monday morning. Look at her flowers and nicely made bed!! Proud mama!! Higher Ground posted a picture with her in it yesterday. It can be seen on their FB page!! HGMM


Thanks for your prayers!! Hope you are having a Blessed Week!!!


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