To Isabelle, on the eve of your trip to summer camp…

Dearest Isabelle,

As usual, I waited until the last minute for finishing up some sewing. Perfect “me” thing to do, huh? I just finished another skirt for you (minus putting in the elastic) for your trip! I hope this one is fuller for you. I think it matches your boots so wonderfully!

It is just after midnight. Hard to believe this afternoon I will be driving you down to summer camp. I have so many emotions about it; excited, nervous, worried, happy, overwhelmed, proud…

Because your first summer camp experience, 3 summers ago, was so bad and very much not like a summer camp, this is like your first summer camp! And to spend a week riding horses, making friends, and growing in your faith sounds amazing. I admit I wish I were young enough to go, too. I so want this experience to be perfect. So I conceded on some things. We are fortunate they will let you ride in skirts. How can I argue with your sweet and modest style? πŸ™‚ Still, I worry. Every good mom does. I think because of what our family has been through makes me all the more nervous. But I know you will be safe. I have to leave some things in God’s hands. Yes, I will pray for you, every day. Because I love you and I already do anyway. It just may be a bit more frequent…lol!!

And I know you will show respect and remember your manners. You will stand your ground on what is right. I am so proud of you and the young lady you are becoming. That, too, will shine through!

But tonight, as I was topstitching, and thinking about what I still needed to pack or remind you of, and imagining how much fun you will have (Oh the memories you will make!), I realized something profound. See, because we are always together, I don’t see changes in you too quickly. Life is gradual and so is change. Change is also relative. But you will spend a week learning and growing. I suspect many wonderful things will come from this week of camp, a bit of blossoming. I wonder what changes I will see for you?

I love you. Have a wonderful time. But be safe!! Make memories and relish in this fun while you can.

Love, Mom

PS- Don’t forget those 3 things…EVERYDAY! Sometimes twice! πŸ˜‰ We are going to miss you!!


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