Farmgirl Saturday!!!

What a day!!

Yesterday, June 13, the Southern Indian Chapter of the MaryJane Farmgirl Sisterhood held its first meeting. There were four Farmgirls in attendance, Ruth Ann, Katelyn, Cecily, and myself, as well as one Farmerette, my daughter, Isabelle.

I managed to finish my “Americana Hen” skirt just in time to wear it! I had Matt snap a quick picture before us gals headed out.


Isabelle and I had a quick stop at Stevenson’s General Store before heading over to The Overlook to request our table. I managed to snap a quick photo of Isabelle checking out the river!


Then I nearly forgot about my camera! lol!!! We had such a great time I forgot to get more pictures. Silly me!! The ladies and I sat at a nice round table overlooking the Ohio River and talked about everything! Life, Faith, children, homes, land, gardens, cooking, sewing, scrapbooking, critters….Anything we could think of! It was so wonderful! And I got the cutest hair clips from Cecily!! I should have gotten a picture of them all, but here is the one I wore today!


Before we parted ways, we made plans to make plans (ha!) to have a meeting in July where we will work on some sewing. And Isabelle took pictures!


But this one is my favorite!! As ladies. From different walks of life, brought together by a common theme, Farmgirls. Here we all are in our aprons, each with it’s own story. New budding friendships are wonderful, are they not!? It is all thank to MaryJane. It is so amazing how many Farmgirls are brought together and become friends for a lifetime. I am honored to by part of the Sisterhood!


And, though we headed home, my Farmgirl day was not finished. Oh no, Sisters! In the mail was a package from Linda (aka quiltee). Yay!! Swaps!! She is QUICK! This was for our July 4th Brooch Swap. Isn’t it lovely!! And the tucks! I really LOVE the S&P shakers! Too cute!! My boys took the necklaces and Isabelle wants to card to hang on her wall! 🙂 Thanks soooooo much Linda! I love it ALL!



And what kind of Farmgirl would I be if I didn’t get the family out in the garden and harvest dinner? 🙂

DSCN5364 DSCN5367


Farmgirl Hugs!! Alicia #5232


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