Busy, Crazy

No sooner than I nearly get a project done, my mind is mapping out another! This week, I got a large cut of stretch denim and twill to make Isabelle a couple more riding skirts for camp. I I couldn’t resist using a bit to start on a skirt last night! Now as I lat tossing at 1 am yesterday morning, I blended fabrics in my head and pictured Henrietta Hen , with some 3d flowers (yo-yos? crochet?) alongside. I couldn’t sleep, so I got up and got started cutting and sewing.

My dreams were a bit crushed when I couldn’t get Henrietta to come out clear in my software. I got a better file today, so I am really hoping it works!! I have another few chicken fabrics that she would be PERFECT on!!!! Anyway, I was lucky that I found another apron- donning hen. She isn’t as special as Henrietta, but she looks ok with my Americana Chicken skirt. Still not finished, but what do you think?


Another project I worked on this week is a table decoration for tomorrow! Tomorrow is a special day for me!


I am a proud member of The Farmgirl Sisterhood! MaryJane is just the most wonderful Queen Bee to have brought together so many amazing women. All of us have one thing in common; our hearts seem to long for Farmgirl ways. Many of us live is cities, we are from all walks of life, but we have a can-do attitude! If this sounds like a place you might fit in, come “visit” us at MaryJane’s Farmgirl Connection.

Of course, some of us take it a step further and join the Sisterhood. That’s me! Sister #5232! And as much as I love my gals on the Connection and in my Henhouse, Scattered Prairie, I have wanted to meet face-to-face with other Sisters for a while. So I started a local Chapter! Tomorrow is our first “meeting”! Though it is only lunch at The Overlook restaurant in Leavenworth, I am still so very excited! This will be on our table! 🙂

DSCN5340 DSCN5341

If you are in Southern Indiana, and you think you are a “Farmgirl at Heart” please consider joining us! If not tomorrow, another time!!! 🙂 And, yes, I WILL be wearing my apron!!!


6 thoughts on “Busy, Crazy

  1. Oh Lordy, had copied the link to share! This is what I want to say! These are the cutest creative handmades ever! I am so Farmgirl in love with your blog! Coming to visit over often now! Thank you for sharing!

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