Today has been all over the place!

It has JUST been one of those days. And before I post the draft I was working on, I need to interrupt your regular blogging enjoyment….

Before I get too far, I would like to ask for prayers. A cousin I haven’t seen in years passed away tonight after being caught in a house fire yesterday. I pray her soul finds peace. Love and strength to her children, my aunt and uncle, as well as her siblings. She was in a dark place and we do not know if she accepted Christ. I have prayed that at some point she did, that the Lord has mercy and shows the grace only He can give.

Thank you…

How does your garden grow???

I took some pictures on Monday evening and haven’t had a chance to post them. 🙂






To be honest, it has changed a bit since then. For one, my bean row is fuller. And I think due to the rain and then hot sun, the leaves are wilty?? What do you think? They have washed out spotting, too.


In other news, Isabelle got her first real pair of western boots!! Aren’t they cute??


I have more to share, but I think it can wait. For now, I am going to pray for my cousin some more and head to bed. Many Blessings…Night.


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