Darn near perfect

Sunny, yet breezy, a comfortable 72 degrees, sitting near a creek, having a picnic with my family. It doesn’t get much better!!

Even though Matt worked last night and has to work a 12 tonight, we had a family day. We had a bit of a drive, so our day started off with a new Audiobook. We started the series, Little Britches today. It fits in with the genre we enjoy. Families surviving by God’s will and hard work, typically in the 1800’s. This series is a lot like Little House, only a boy is the main character; Ralphie is lots of fun!

Our first stop was Orleans. The Orange County Homegrown Saturday Market opened it’s season today. I have been trying to get to an Orange Co market for 3 years! It was rather nice! I, honestly, am not sure I recalled being in Orleans before. I suppose any other time I was going to Mitchell, I had gone through Shoals. Anyway, lovely and clean small town. My kids really enjoyed seeing Amish buggies. 🙂

Orleans puts on a nice market with a great park to let the kids play. It was a bit smaller than I imagined, but I think it is incredibly early for many booths. Yes, Isabelle INSISTED on taking Araya….

unnamed1 unnamed

While I was contemplating a buy, a couple of sweet ladies donning Orange Co Homegrown tshirts approached me to ask about and admire my skirt. I had been itching to wear my “Farmer’s Market” skirt since I finished it WEEKS ago! This seemed like a perfect time and they seemed to agree! See the pictures they took HERE. Not the best photos of me, but here is another!


After stuffing a loaf of Amish Sourdough, a jar of plum jam, and some baked goodies in my reusable strawberry bag, Gabriel grinding his biscuit in the dirt upon falling off the merry-go-round, and fighting our wired puppy around all the “SMELLS AND PEOPLE”, we headed out. Booths were packing up to leave, so we headed out, too.  A sweet wood maker gave my boys these lovely boxes as he was packing. He told them to put their treasures in them! How sweet! Yep, great impression of Orleans! 🙂


Our next stop; Spring Mill State Park. If you have never been to Spring Mill and are within 2 hrs, you should visit! There are caves (one with a boat ride), Inn, Nature Center, Trails, and a Pioneer Village with a working Grist Mill. On Memorial Weekend they host a Civil War reenactment. We went year before last and thought it would be fun to visit again. We picnicked by the creek, talked to the reenact ors near the battlefield, and walked a trail on our way to the village.


A thought I didn’t have until we got to the park was, indeed, fact. Dogs aren’t allowed in the village. So Matt and Araya waited on us. 😦 He said he didn’t care and he probably didn’t, but I was still bummed. There were lots of crafters working today and that is always fun! The man spinning was especially nice to my boys, even gave them each a piece of roving. We didn’t go through everything as well as we usually do, figuring a return summer trip is a must. We did visit the Mercantile on the way out. I admired the tea set I had admired in 2013… A creamy base with lacey chocolate flowers. So pretty!!

unnamed7 unnamed


We headed out, catching up with Matt, who found a quiet bench by the creek. The kids kicked their shoes off and waded into the icy water as quickly as they could!


Of course, Gabriel fell in, twice. lol!! That’s why I brought a change of clothes! 😉 We left as the battle was getting ready to start, so we stopped and waited a bit, sucking on sassafras candy and gazing at the fish in the water. All was well until the cannons went off…. BOOM, BOOM…BOOM!! Well, Araya flipped out! And we ran to the car. Poor baby was so scared she jumped into the kid’s floorboards.

All in all, a wonderful day though!!! I am so blessed!


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