A bit of fluff

How was your Sunday? Was it blessed by His grace?

After church, and some lunch, I headed out to work in the garden for just a bit. Nothing overwhelming (it is Sunday, after all), just checking on things mostly. Seeing that my ladybugs are happy, pulling some radishes, you get the picture. As I stood over my carrots, I kept hearing a peeping. At first, I thought one of our older “chicks” had gotten out of the pen. But it really sounded much too young. So I assumed it was coming from a nearby bird’s nest.

I pulled some radish greens off for the chickens and that is when I saw it!! FLUFF!

We have a broody Barred Rock hen who has tried sitting 3 times over the past 2 years. She only sat on 2 eggs this time, but one hatched!!! 🙂

Mama was very attentive. It was so neat watching her break up the chick starter for her baby. She was also very protective of her wee one. So sweet!


DSCN5039 DSCN5045 DSCN5051 DSCN5050

We contemplated removing Mama and baby, but we weren’t sure where to put them and they were doing well. Prayers that they handle tonight well with their 22 other pen buddies… ❤


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