Brrr!!!! Snow!? REALLY!?

Happy SPRING!! So many gorgeous Spring days this past week! Well, until the temps started dropping again. Grr! I even saw SNOW today! 😦 And this morning, Yeah, FROST! I had to cover my garden. :O

Speaking of Garden! Anything planted in yours, yet? What’s growing? What big plans have you?

Last week I planted Radish, Carrots, 2 kinds of Beets, Lettuce, Kale, and Garlic (yes, I know it is usually planted in the fall). Also, 12 Broccoli and 4 Golden Cauliflower plants. Of course, a couple of our hens already stripped most of the greens from these plants. I am REALLY hoping the will recover. I have never grown either before!

We are trying for a No- Till method this year. After plenty of good compost, coffee grounds, lots of rabbit poo and a thick layer of leaf mulch, our dirt is AMAZING on the top 5 or so inches! I have high hopes for my root crops to greatly improve this year.  As I was hoeing an area I can across 3 GOOD sized parsnips from last year that were missed! WHAT A SURPRISE!!!! 😀


I added the two smaller ones to a yummy Veggie Pilaf. Mmmmm…


And the large one in a new yummy dinner tonight! I am working on a new recipe. A hearty meal with plenty of nutrition. It was TASTY! 🙂 I am calling it Tuscan Beans and Greens.

20150327_174018 20150327_174901

I cannot wait to see all the goodness that comes from this years garden! God gave us the ability to grow, tend, and harvest food from the beginning. I am so thankful for the knowledge we carry along each year in our garden.

Night all! And God Bless!


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