Anyone planting, yet?

We have started working in the garden! I could do a HAPPY DANCE, it is so stink in’ exciting! 😀

Got out and started turning the soil and it was GORGEOUS! All dark, and healthy! ALIVE!  And easy to work (thank goodness! Matt’s back can’t handle that work right now). It took 3 years, but our amended soil looks amazing. The clay is still down there, though. I REALLY am hoping I get some better root crops this year. Every year roots have done poorly. We have tried so many different ideas. Maybe this will be the Year of the Carrot for us?!


Yep, just ignore those sxy legs.

Late last Fall, (maybe around Thanksgiving??) I bartered for some garlic seed. It was late to work the ground, so I did a bit of research and found I could store it in the freezer until early Spring. I may sacrifice on a better crop, but it was what we did. Yesterday we planted 2 of the four varieties. Tomorrow I hope to get the other 2 out. They are all hard neck , it was what was left, and like I said, I bartered, so no complaining! BTW, I LOVE bartering!!!!!

Today I finished out the row with radishes, beets, and carrots. In the middle, spinach is coming back from last year, so I think I will stick in a few more seeds and pray for bounty!

I am CRAVING fresh veggies!!! YUM!


Next week, Lettuce, Spinach, Kale, Cabbage….YUMMY!!!! It took a lot more planning this year to figure out rotation and I am leaning on the Farmer’s Almanac a bit more for planting times.

Something new we are trying this year? POTATOES!!!!

Night friends!


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