The Good with The Bad.

Sunday, dear Sunday. What a day!

The Good-

Sunshine! Warmth! Sap! Church (well, we did have a shock happen, but God has a plan, I am sure!) I got to wear the skirt I made myself today. I embellished it with a vintage doily. It is warm in the house, a steady 73 without the heater or wood stove!  I made a nourishing soup and crusty bread! YUM!!


And this is way before I brought in the sap!



I think some vintage buttons would be a nice added embellishment!

The Bad (and Ugly 😦 )

We lost 5 chicks. Had to move the ducklings, as they were the cause, which meant going and getting another heat lamp. We had to put down one of our cats b/c she got a fishing hook stuck in her eye (through the lid) and we could not remove it. No idea how it happened, but she was hurting and it seemed humane. I forgot about drum lessons (again) in the chaos. And to top it all off a young kid bought one of the empty houses next to us. I imagine summer will be a pain of bonfire, drunken 4 wheeler parties. 😥

I sorta, accidentally, threw a wad of about $100 in the offering this morning.

So about that, b/c it’s kinda funny… Sawyer has issues with nurseries and I had just taken him back with the other kids when they were going to get the plates. Being the last row of people on the side we were on so I was rushing back. I leaned over Matt, preparing to grab my purse. Well, he had a roll of bills in his hand, and I assumed he pulled it from his wallet and he knew what was there,  as he handed it to me. I put it in the plate and scooted past Matt to sit down when I saw MY wallet opened up! I guess he thought as I was reaching for my purse, I was reaching for the money. It was not counted, just plopped in…. All my cash for the week! EEK! lol! It isn’t the end of the world and not a big deal, but I was so shocked! Reflecting on it, Matt and I decided God had a need this week. I figure things happen for a reason. 🙂

Moving on!! Haha!

I thought you might like to see what has been up with sap. Today Matt and I collected 17 gallons of sap. It takes 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup. It is a MUDDY mess out back as you will see. We collect using 2 methods. We have metal spiles (we started with these last year) that run into water jugs. These seem to run better, surprisingly. We also have plastic spiles attached to food grade tubing which run into buckets. This is nice because they don’t have to be emptied as often and they stay cleaner. We store sap in buckets with lids on the shady side of our house (in the snow until it melts) as we boil down. During the day we boil on the propane grill or an open fire (we have yet to start a fire this year, but we used fires mostly last year) and when it is dark I put it on the stove. I use my big water bath canner. The stove is MUCH faster, but the humidity can get high in the house. We REALLY need a league evaporator pan, maybe next year ;)! The syrup is “finished off” in the house, as well. Then it is strained through several layers of cheesecloth and put in jars.


It is REALLY getting muddy back there!


Bucket system


Another one of Araya’s GINORMOUS prints!


Waiting their turn!

Time to get Matt up. Night all. Love and Prayers!

PS- Matt had a rough day for certain and only got 4 hrs of sleep. If you wouldn’t mind a prayer… ❤


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