What a day!!!!! :)

I am sitting here, in a flurry of paisley satin! A bright colored kaftan, a gift (one of several!) from my Mama gleams as I sip herbal tea and reminisce of what a wonderful birthday this has been! Truly, I feel loved and cherished. ❤

My day started with birthday cuddles from 2 of my favorite boys as we waited for Daddy to get home. Things got crazy about 9:30, when Matt wasn’t home and I had the boys ready to head out for our day. He finally showed up in our drive at 10:25, loaded down with a cake, cards, and doughnuts. The kiddos got all sugared up while I opened my sweet cards. We saved the cake, thinking we would have it tonight, but more about that in a bit!

On to our day!! We had been planning to take advantage of Rural Kings awesome deal on chicks for a week and a half. The trouble was, the ones I had wanted sold out of our nearest RK, though they did still have the ducklings Isabelle has been begging for for 2 years. Since Matt got home a bit later, we didn’t have time to run to 2 stores and I still wanted to make sure I got to see my Mom, since today is about her, too! I wouldn’t be here without her. 🙂


The only solution was to send Matt for the ducklings, supplies, and 10 straight run chicks (we get a rebate for the total!) and Me to go to a further store near mom where they had one breed I wanted, Ameraucana pullets. Bonus that they were getting older and I got then half price! I also got 10 straight run as well. These are assorted chicks of many colors, we plan,primarily, to raise for meat. The RK Matt went to was sold out of the straight run and gave him Red Cross pullets for the same deal! We have 10 straight run, 10 Red Cross pullets, 7 Ameraucana pullets, and 5 Khaki Campbell ducklings!!! They are packed in the tent in a galvanized trough, under a heat lamp! 🙂


During the kids’ and my trip we met up with my mom. She bought us lunch at a great little place in Vincennes. Now, if you know anything about me, you should know, I love to support small local restaurants! This place, The Dogwood is a quaint BBQ buffet,  decorated to feel like a farm! The boys (especially Sawyer), loved the tractors!


Upon our departure, Mom let me in on her secret gift! A cake I had hinted about a couple of weeks ago was sitting in her car waiting to go home with me! She had made it for me!!! And apparently it was not an easily made treat! She had a great and funny story to go with it!! AND IT WAS HUGE!!!! I also got this soft kaftan and a lovely card! I loved my time with Mom today! I am so blessed to have her!

Here is my GINORMOUS cake! OH. MY. GOODNESS! All Chocolatey- Peanut Butter Cheesecake RICHNESS! And, yes, it is very rich.


See that plate? Mom bought me that last year!! I adore my lovely antique dishes.


Ok, from the bottom and up; Chocolate cake of perfect moistness, PB frosting, PB cheesecake laced with mini Reeses cups, PB frosting, more cake, coated with PB frosting, topped with more cups!!!


After attempting a slice (it’s REALLY rich!) and downing some cold milk, we slipped into our rubber boots.


Gifts and cards

The days was so wonderful, the weather perfect! We had to get out and enjoy it for a bit. THIS is how I do snow! lol!!! In a tshirt! HA!


Still nice and slick!


Araya’s pawprint. It was falling in, but her paws are HUGE! And not quite 5 months!

20150307_171315 20150307_171458 20150307_171545 20150307_171611 20150307_172918

While I was out I collected sap. Good thing, the jugs were overflowing! I got 5 gallons. And I didn’t even go around and check the buckets. The sap was overflowing out of the most Southern facing ones.


I will have to start boiling tomorrow. But first CHURCH!!! Church was cancelled the past 2 weeks, due to the ice on the roads. I have missed it!

Thanks so much everyone for the birthday wishes! God bless you!


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