Birthday Wishes

Yes, it is my birthday tomorrow (March 7). And, yes, I am still young, but I just feel like time is moving too fast, you know?

I am so anxious…

So ready…


My birthday wish is to finally find our forever farm. I look around our home and it just feels off. Nothing feels comfortable anymore, I feel like this home and I aren’t meant for each other. This is not the life I want.

Yes, I still want rural, I still want away from hustle and bustle, I still want space.

But I YEARN for more space, more OPEN! This 2 acres of woods and A-frame house, just don’t do it for me. lol! I am having a mid-life crisis! HA!

I want fresh milk, a root cellar with plenty of goods stored, I want rich soil, built up by compost, and space to stretch out and work. The real kind! The work God intended us to do. To provide for our families, for our children to know and understand where food comes from. I want to eat with the seasons, to learn the skills needed to do as much on my own as I can.

Please, Lord, let this be the year!!!! Amen.


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