Is it spring yet??

We got a nice day of spring-like weather, even if it was rainy. Then today happened. I have 8″ of snow in my front yard. That is quite a bit in this area. Especially in March. It is NASTY out there people!

My energy has been focused to garden planning, mostly. Well, after the other stuff…lol! School with the kids, chores, etc… Then I try to focus on the Garden! Except I can’t stay focused.

Spring is so close I can almost taste it! And I just keep thinking about baby animals and farm life. For the past 2 days my obsession has been Miniature Jersey Cows. I have always love Jerseys, with their doe eyes and fawn color. But these miniatures are so precious!! I borrowed these picture, hope no one minds me bragging about their beautiful girls!

Angel_37intall_Born2000_Foundation Tula-nursing-fall-calf-good-pic

These are ideal family milk cows! They produce 2-3 gallons a day, up to 4% butterfat, of rich, creamy, nutrient dense milk.

At a maximum height of 42″, the seem like a perfect bundle! Someday…..

Night! Stay safe and warm.


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