Mud Season

And so it has really begun. All day we have been subjected to rain. Anywhere from a downpour, to a mist. Fog has been rolling in as we have drifted to 50 degrees!! Too bad the damp makes it feel quite cold, yet. Though Isabelle has been out exploring the woods in it, the rest of us have been indoors. The snow is half melted and our tiny creek out back is threatening spillover.


The good news? The sap is running again.

The bad news…Well tomorrow morning it is going to turn over to snow and dump another 4-8″ and freeze us yet again. 😦

It won’t last. Saturday will be above 40 and when I look further into next week, I see more 40s, 50s, and even some 60s!!

Meanwhile, the boys both have a juicy cold. And sleep has been sparse for me. I have filled in with power naps alongside and turning the pages of The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball.  My mind reels even more of our someday farm! In fact just a couple of hours ago, as my bread was rising, I cuddled next to Sawyer and fell asleep dreaming of working the land with a team of horses!

Yesterday, trying to ease their discomfort, I made homemade herbal cough drops. My first time ever making any sort of “hard” candy on my own. It was a learning experience. Firstly, you REALLY do need to get it to 300 degrees! 260 doesn’t harden correctly! 😛 I also made Elecampane Syrup and mixed it in Elderflower tea. And pulled the Elderberry syrup out again.


Last night I made one of my favorite dishes. A veggie pilaf, with whole grains. SOOO good! Unfortunately I decided to try Grapeseed oil instead of my usual EVOO last night (also used it in my Venison steak marinade). Last night my back was itchy and warm. It spread to my shoulders by the time I woke up. And later in the morning I had bright red, puffy ears as well. Turns out I have a food allergy and since the oil was the ONLY thing different I ate, guess that was it. We don’t take medicine hardly at all, but, luckily, I had some benedryl and took 2. Yep, it made for a SUPER sleepy day… along with the dreary tapping of the rain and sleepless night. Probably hard to tell, but I promise it was red and supper swollen! Matt was talking about taking me to the hospital. Not this time of year! lol!!


Hope you are staying warm and dry! God bless my friends!!

ETA: Turns out Grapeseed Oil isn’t all that good for you. That is what I get for making a whim purchase. I’ll stick with coconut oil!

And if you are curious as to what we will use it for, we are going to put in in the diesel tank!!


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