Hello March, my old friend. We are off to a slow start this year on the warmth factor. Please let this week truly be the last of the “snaps”. Thanks so much, Alicia (Whose birthday happens to fall in your month.)

March…. My favorite thing (no it isn’t my birthday, though Gabriel would insist it were) about March is the weather warming up. My LEAST favorite thing would be the mud. It has begun my friends. 😦 This season of mud.

Around here it also means starting some seeds and, hopefully, more Maple Syrup!


A small jar of the quart and pint of our first 2015 syrup. This was a birthday gift for my grandmother.

I was able to boil down about 25 Gallons during the second week of February, thanks to the usual mildness we have in the winter. Now, however, the sap is frozen! Has been since February 15. That’s when the weather started turning on us. As soon as the road gets cleared, more snow/ ice comes. This afternoon we had a light mist, so now the roads are under “Possible Icy Conditions”. Which kinda sucks. After all, Matt does drive to work at night. And since he totaled a vehicle last week and the week before some idiot tried to pass him on the shoulder and cut over clipping my bumper on our main vehicle, I could do without anymore car drama.


I am hoping to try to make some Maple candy next batch, maybe sugar, too, like they do in Little House in the Big Woods. I am rereading it now to the kids and I really think it would be a fun thing to add. Besides, Isabelle REALLY likes Maple candy.

Have you ever made any Maple Sap products? I’d love to hear about it!

I did start some Kale and Cabbage seeds with Gabriel yesterday. He really enjoys helping me do things. He is a very motivated child! ❤

Well, goodnight all. God watch you and keep you.

PS- It is supposed to be in the 40s and sunny for my birthday! 😉


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