Life Intended

“We once knew how to eat in season, string up a bean vine, dress a Thanksgiving turkey. Our children were not scared of dead pigs but clapped their hands under the hanging hogs, because they liked bacon and because they weren’t shielded from the whole story. I want to go home to that mindset.”- Jenna Woginrich, One-Woman Farm. Not exactly how I would put it, but very valid! If you have been following along, or know my family and I at all, we long for a farm. A place to start a homestead. Only it would be oh so very much more! We see possibilities ranging from producing most of our own food to giving at risk kids a hand in learning where food comes from and get their hands in the dirt and grow some themselves.

Why do I torture myself everyday with dreams of this farm? Three years. THREE YEARS! We have been looking…. Will we ever find it? A house overlooking a pasture with a Jersey and handful of horses grazing. A pond to fish in. An apple tree for fresh snacks while playing outside. Watching the sunset on a porch swing, sitting next to the love of my life while the kids search for the first firefly of the evening! 2389286968 2389272943


For today, I will work to be better. I will work to get to this point. And I will pray!!


One thought on “Life Intended

  1. Reblogged this on derbauernhof and commented:

    An old post… Just goes to show that God doesn’t give up on our dreams and neither should we! We are closer than ever… ❤ Praise Be!

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