It’s been awhile….

Hello friends! It has been awhile. And a lot has happened, but first how are you?! Staying warm? This weather is CRAZY! I took this last week. When I thought it was pretty! I am done with it now, Lord. šŸ™‚


So my husband is working at his old job. Many hours and doing fine. A bit tired tonight, but overall, well. šŸ™‚ Though he did total the van (AGAIN) Monday night due to the ice…. That man!

The kids are growing and learning. Cabin fever is about to make us all mad. lol! I am proud to say Gabriel has really made a turn in his PreK work. He is finally showing real interest and improvement. I guess he is finally ready. We started over fresh with the alphabet just last week. He is grasping beginning letter sounds quite well and gaining control of his pencil (definitely a lefty).

Of course that makes Sawyer want to do more, too! Which is good. I have always seen them learning fairly side by side. There will be some noticeable differences, however, since there is 2 years between them.

Speaking of Sawyer, boy is he a patience trier!!! Just today he colored himself with a jumbo black sharpie! And only 3 hrs later gave my basement a dusting with about a pound of organic flour! Takes your eyes off for only a minute….. But he is nearly potty trained and happy as a lark! He reminds me so much of Isabelle at this age.

Isabelle, on the other hand, has very much become a young lady. It’s scary how much she blossomed in the past 6 months. How does that happen!?

We had a tragic loss early last October. Our Gryffindor was hit by a car. He was just shy of 4 years old. It hit Isabelle hardest. Being homeschooled, Gryffin was her best friend. For weeks she packed around his collar. It was very sad and hard. October is such a difficult time for our family anyway. He is missed.


And I was prepared to wait quite awhile until we got a puppy. We all knew we could never replace Gryffin. Matt, on the other hand, wanted a puppy sooner, so we started looking. And while she isn’t what we first started out looking for, we love our new family member!

Meet Araya (Ah- Ray-Ah). She is a German Shepard, currently 4.5 months old, spoiled, and the most ungraceful creature. Oh! And HUGE!


Coming Home.


2 weeks later.


She claims this spot always!! In January.


Ms Couch Hog!


In the snow a couple of days ago. Just look how lazy her “sit” is! lol!

I have finally been making more time to sew and such! Yet I am still so far behind. Here are some things I have sewn/ embroidered recently.

1969368_967157226629614_3065269386470268201_n 1450163_762993263775373_1767572253619613105_n 10395810_917324204946250_336331389878040920_n 1975058_698293020245398_2412235995827753857_n 10171028_709436892464344_4264377053036140323_n 10606020_692904974117536_2781650735762697070_n 10685417_961636067181730_2011203326585721631_n

Hoping to get started on Spring/ Summer clothes for the kids soon. Especially since we are going on vacation in 2 months!!! We are so ready for one. We are heading to Southern Missouri for a week. Planning to visit the Spring Planting Festival at Baker Creek, Rocky Ridge Farm, Silver Dollar City, look at property and enjoy the time together!

Speaking of which, I started rereading the Little House series to the kids this week! Added it to my stack of what I am reading now! What are you reading? Anything good??


Well, that’s all for now! Night folks! Stay safe and warm!


2 thoughts on “It’s been awhile….

  1. What a beautiful puppy Araya is! Love that lazy sit šŸ™‚ I hope you have a great time at Baker Creek. I would love to go but it’s quite difficult to get away from the dairy farm. It looks like a wonderful place in their catalog.

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