Well, this post was SUPPOSED to have gone up LAST weekend. Alas, right as I began the upload photos from my phone, my mouse decided to stop working. Boo! Finally got a new one Friday, sorry I am JUST getting to this….



We started out our Summer by saying Adieu to Spring. Friday was a rather warm day, so we hopped into my no AC van and drove down to Owensboro to play at Smother’s Park. At first Sawyer was scared of the water, but eventually he joined in the fun! If you are fairly local and have never been to Smother’s (we have gone about once a month since it opened), it is well worth a visit!


03 0201  06


Afterward, we met my parent’s and they kept Gabriel for some special time for the weekend. He felt very lucky! Here is what he was up to.

10491987_665643116816814_7786031718837677482_n 10361502_665642980150161_1703349350893011619_n

Digging in the dirt! He had a blast! Guess what he found?!



Yep! That is an arrowhead!! Now, my mom has been dragging me arrowhead hunting most of my life. I used to LOATHE going! I NEVER found anything. 😦 But my 4 year old has!!!! 😀

While he was digging for more treasure, we went fishing. We didn’t catch much, but it was still fun!!

05 00


I know I had so much more to say last weekend…lol!! Oh well…. ;P



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