Summer cont……

Of course, we are FINALLY harvesting from our Garden!! Other than lettuce anyway…lol! And so are my parents. Between us there has been LOTS of fresh eating! I LOVE fresh produce! Eating it, growing it, and being inspired by it!

Some of my recent meals… 1-Grilled Rabbit (we raise them), Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Sauteed Greens (2 kinds of Kale, Swiss Chard, and Plantain) 2- Our first Green Bean meal! With sauteed Yellow Squash and Cornbread! 3- Stir Fry, Ginger Grilled Chicken, Sesame Noodles

june301 june304 june307


Speaking of GARDEN! How is yours? Here are some recent shots of mine.

june290 june291 june292 june294 june295 june297 june299 june300

See that HUGE squash plant behind the cat? It’s a volunteer! We think it is a pumpkin!! šŸ™‚



Now … How about a game of what is wrong with my plant?

Up first we have roma tomatoes…. Not only are the bottom leaves dying, they are only about 3.5 ft tall. The cherry tomatoes right next to them are well over 6 ft!


june308 june309


Up next… Zucchini Squash. I have 8 plants, they just don’t look as good as the rest of my squashes. They are thin and the blossoms keep falling off. I don’t know if we will even get any fruit??? Then they started getting spots! It looks sorta like a fungus?!



Well, that is all for tonight folks. This mama is TIRED! Next time I will tell you about our trip to the Spencer Co fair! God Bless!!


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