Garden and Chicken Issues and other Farm Things

Once upon a time, we let or chickens free range completely. Then we restricted them to the large yard area, then we divided the space, but they still have a HUGE yard! Occasionally, we haul a few out to hang with the goats, but the never stay long.

There once was a lovely Golden Laced Wyandotte hen who consistently released herself from the chicken yard. She was very lovely, but we could not keep her contained. We clipped a wing. Then the other. Finally, we learned her escape secret…. Fly hard enough to grasp the fence and climb over.

Last weekend Matt caught her trying to pull a cabbage head out of the ground. He chased her away, but she kept returning. She made a lovely soup.

Apparently not soon enough, because now 2-3 other hens are escaping a DAY! She taught them well, I suppose. 😦 And, though we assumed our egg count was reducing, apparently some hens have not been laying in the coop.  This is the second clutch Isabelle discovered in the past 4 days.



Which hens are broody?? No clue…How old are they eggs?? No clue… What to do….

Sooooo…. I guess one hen today decided the center of our bean row was a good warm spot to lay. Matt would grow only green beans if I let him. He is NOT going to be happy.



I guess the REAL problem is that they are not playing nice with my vegetables!

They are just being chickens, I know, but we have put a LOT of time, effort, and money (the goats ate all my starts, so I had to buy plants) into our garden this year! And it is bad enough that the cabbage worms and aphids are trying to destroy it all. 😥

What I am sure is what happened to this once, lovely, head of cabbage…. First worms, then a hen trying to find said juiciness.


HELP!!! What do I do?! I know there are some garden experts out there. Please…..Help….. Falling into a pit of garden despair….

Meanwhile, the squash blossoms are lovely….



And the goats are enjoying “kid” time!

10478511_817037891641549_282043377_n 10447287_817037888308216_749795014_n 1743373_817039288308076_2029718673_n


By the way, did I mention Matt dropped my camera a couple of weeks ago? Yep, all pictures will be via my cell until further notice…. 😦




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