Where do you find inspiration? Farm Life- Memoirs

This has been on my mind for awhile. I guess I find lots of inspiration lately. Firstly, the images in this post are not mine. I borrowed them with respect as they are due.

** Any guidance on who or where to contact would be wonderful as well! **

I am of a generation that has forgotten. A generation that seems too caught up in day to day drama to listen to the whispers of the past. Yet, slowly I am coming to see I am not alone in the fact that I WANT the whispers to be louder. I want an era of neighborly love, hard work in the name of the Father, meals Blessed where the family enjoys each other. I want to FEEL life in my own hands! To know I was the one who prepared that meal from scratch, “worked up” the strawberries for jam (after harvesting them), pieced together the dress on my daughter, moved the goat fence, etc..

But meanwhile, I am inspired! Inspired by true pioneers of old; Laura Ingalls Wilder, Nancy Kelley, and other women who worked hard to give their children the future they wished for them. And modern pioneers, like our own MaryJane!

I guess I have been praying a lot lately. Our prayers have been devoted to God leading us to His Will. Guiding us with Grace, lending us Strength. Protecting and Nourishing our Dream. I truly feel it is the way it is meant to be…

So we keep searching. Today we scoured OK, MI, TN, and ID. MI and TN are out, they don’t match the lifestyle we want. Even looked at a property almost to CAN in NY! GORGEOUS! Tomorrow I will check for updates in KY and MO. It’s there, God will lead us.

As we have traveled over the past several months, here and there, searching out that perfect place to build our home, our farm, our dream, I see the remains of farms that once were. Old barns sit abandoned in fields. Farmhouses have been boarded up and left to termites, mice, and careless teens. Or even worse, Time itself. And I have shed a tear or two. Once these were someone’s Dream…


Often we pass an old farm and I ponder, “What stories could be told…?” If the walls of that barn could tell us. If the kitchen could speak!


And so I have been inspired by these images. I have decided to put together a book. The purpose of this book is to preserve history, learn a thing or two, be entertained, cherish the importance of the American Small Farm as it once was, and to be inspired by the women that brought life to them! So much could be learned! This will be a collection of memoirs. I pray enough women are around to remember the farm they grew up on, perhaps were born in, even had their own children in. And I hope some photographs can be provided as well. Though for now, I just want stories!! Oh the stories!! Wonderfully, colorfully written and preserved. What a delight they will be!


Do you remember a special story you could share? Perhaps a summer picnic at the creek on your farm? Harvesting and preserving? A lesson learned? A special moment? Something that is dear and precious? Something to share a laugh, a tear, an encouragement, or maybe heartbreak. Help me share your story. ❤

Someday, I want my OWN barn to tell stories to my great-grandchildren. Stories of how we started. Modern day pioneers. For now, I will relish in what I can learn from the past while I can.

Email me about your farm/ story DandeeRose@gmail.com Subject: Farm Memories



3 thoughts on “Where do you find inspiration? Farm Life- Memoirs

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  2. First let me say I love your Post and your inspiration is already clear in your writing. Inspiration comes from our hearts and memories and you are truly blessed with plenty. When I wrote and published my first chap book of my memories in Poetry in 2010, I had only just begun. I published my second book Echoes Of Time in Oct. 2013. By then I had a whole host of memories jotted down to write about. Over the years I’ve been writing them down kind of like a journal, waiting for someone to read about my childhood and the way I grew up. I also tried to write down or remember what my sweet dad and mom told me about how they grew, the places they lived, things they did. It finally came together for me and I knew I had to share . If we don’t write it down it will be gone when we’re gone. I write about my Appalachian Heritage and roots. I never tire of the past and the things I hold dear. It sounds like you’re already on your way and don’t let anything stop you. I wish you the best and I know it will be awesome .. Thanks and God Bless, Susie Swanson

    • Wow Susie! Thank you so much!! I agree, the past is fading away like a rainbow after a storm. All bright and holding the secrets of what it has seen. That’s why I so badly want to share.

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