Civil War fun

Spring means field trips! Right!? That was one thing I always was sad about when Isabelle was in public school. The field trips were not very quality. One year they didn’t even take one!! Well, we have been loaded down with field trips this month alone.

And this is our last “official” week of school! 🙂

Isabelle is finishing up her Civil War unit for history. A couple of weeks ago we attended a small Civil War program at Audubon State Park. It was quite small, but we met a wonderful family! Isabelle felt right at home joining in their camp and helping with candle-making.

The Reckner family lives in Sebree, KY. There, they homeschool (or have) 11 children, raise horses, and run children’s camps. I am excited to have Isabelle attend one! Their camp programs are a delightful mix of fun summertime happening, with plenty of horse fun, and a good base of ministry. Check out their site, Higher Ground Ministry.

Because they regularly attend Civil War reenactments, they have a fabulous camp set up, make their own costuming, and even use several horses, if the battle calls for Calvary. So when they told us about the Battle of Sacramento, I knew we had to go!

This event was much larger and nicer than the one at Audubon, though not quite as big as the Spirit of Vincennes Rendezvous (Revolutionary War). We went on Friday, when there was far less crowd and, then again the first half of Saturday. Sadly, we missed the actual battle (which takes place of part of the original battlefield, by the way! Bonus!!), due to a prior engagement. We sat there for a long while with sleepy, slap happy boys, watching them move in to the field and prepare. My parents watched the first 30 min and said the artillery would have been far too loud for the boys. I can imagine! Do you see all those cannons!!!??? We watched them prepare, and I hoped we would at least get to see 2 of the Reckner girls reenacting Mollie’s Ride. Here is an older article that has a really nice story about 18 year old Mollie Morehead and the ride of her life to warn that the Union had arrived.,%20Kentucky.html

Enjoy the pictures! I replaced my camera batteries, finally, for Saturday! Though Friday’s are cell phone. Most of Friday’s pictures are in the Reckner’s camp area. I really could have quite happily hauled home the beautiful palomino (Belgian cross) and at the very least stuffed the sweet Jersey calf in my van! 😉 And their lovely golden Border Collie is welcome to visit ANYTIME!

1554411_649664941747965_8287960468245916542_n 1901405_649665205081272_6320986048357915029_n 10271587_800747643270574_3177294166084536017_n 10325376_649665025081290_1061740622195550861_n 10339592_800746873270651_6815509394199552283_n 10363645_800746603270678_952737870031171189_n 10376069_649664995081293_4442534336956657324_n 984062_800747776603894_5975917643819493446_n


Heading out Saturday morning.



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DSCN4186 ??????????????????????????????? DSCN4189 ??????????????????????????????? DSCN4194 ???????????????????????????????

DSCN4196 DSCN4197 DSCN4198 DSCN4202 DSCN4205 DSCN4207 ??????????????????????????????? DSCN4212 DSCN4215 DSCN4219 DSCN4220 DSCN4223 DSCN4224 DSCN4228 ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? DSCN4232 DSCN4235 DSCN4236 DSCN4238 DSCN4239 DSCN4240 DSCN4241 DSCN4243 DSCN4244 ??????????????????????????????? DSCN4246

DSCN4249 DSCN4251 DSCN4255 DSCN4258 DSCN4259 DSCN4262 DSCN4263 DSCN4265 DSCN4267 DSCN4268 DSCN4270 DSCN4275 DSCN4276 DSCN4279 ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? DSCN4288 ???????????????????????????????



Isabelle has been asking since we went to the Civil War reenactment at Spring Mill State Park a year ago to get involved in these as a family. So we may look into it. The camaraderie  from fellow campers is fabulous. You really meet some nice people! It is something we may try to squeeze in someday. For now, Isabelle can don her lovely dress(A birthday gift picked up on Friday from my mother, after trying on several, but we still need boots.) as we stroll along.


Have a blessed day!



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