Mother’s Day weekend

So here I am. Sorry I have not been around. I am trying to pull myself back into normalcy. Well as normal as I can be. This was the hardest Mother’s Day since 2008 for me (Levi’s 2nd birthday, the first without him, was also on Mother’s Day). It is easier to not even celebrate.


That said, I did call my mom and remind Matt to call his. But I did not expect nor wish for gifts, cards, or such. How could I? I should have been giving gifts to my 8 year old. This broken heart of mine, I know it will ease… But it will always be broken.

Happy birthday, Levi. Mommy loves you so much.

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In an effort to distract ourselves, we loaded up Saturday and headed to Mammoth Cave area to look at a piece of property. Cooler packed, snacks loaded, and we were off. Now the chance of rain was a possibility, but we took the risk. We left plenty early to walk the 36+ acres before the realtor met to show us the house. Perhaps a HUGE mistake on our part.

(BTW, I have taken pictures with only my cell for several days. 😦 My camera needs new batteries and I forgot to grab them.)

The sun was shining nice and bright when we arrived. The brick ranch sat a bit close to the road, but we walked to the back yard and headed for the 16 stall barn. We were LOVING the huge fenced in back yard!!


The fact that the barn was holding a bit of water was a tad concerning, but we wanted to see the pasture and woods!! The lot is narrow and long, so we knew we had a walk. It wasn’t too hot and I welcomed the sunshine and distractions.

10356716_796707460341259_8316571522680300753_n 10325751_796737533671585_8005330360622297848_n

prop1 prop2


Just look at that view…. ❤

We found some friends and a new pet on the way.

10259795_796773280334677_7298537673547714553_n prop4

Through the fields and Into the Woods…. (and home before DARK! lol!) Well, before dark, yes, but as we reached where, surely, the boundary was, we heard water and went exploring. What we found was amazing! A solid rock bottom creek, with waterfall, flowing off a cliff. We don’t know which side of the property it was for certain on, but we LOVED the sight! I kept hearing another noise, however…this one much more unnerving…. Thunder…


I was saying, for perhaps the third or fourth time that we needed to start back when it started! A downpour!!!

What an awful experience!! I am far too out of shape for hauling a freezing, shivering, drenched and crying baby through brambles, hills, and mud (Poor Sawyer… I think he he is a bit traumatized by it. He got all upset today while it was storming, hugging me tight, and saying “boom, boom” when thunder rolled through.). When we reached the car we were all totally and completely soaked and dripping. Luckily the boys had a change of clothes. The rest of us? Well….



We sat in the drive, in our skivvies and had our picnic, with the heater on. After a bit, my shirt was only a bit damp, so I slid back into it so we could drive around. 😉 No one the wiser. Then we found a dryer at a state park!! woohooo!



Mostly dry, very disheveled, we went back to look inside the house. We passed this pretty waterfall on the way.


We were so excited and optimistic.  Then we noticed the house was in so much more need than cosmetics. Holy water and termite damage…. 😦 Sigh….


We will continue our search. We are praying on it daily that God will guide us to the path we feel led to. You know how when you are growing up people are always asking children what they want to do or become. Well, it has taken a tragedy and a lot of heartache to see what we truly feel led to. A homestead, where we produce 75%+ of our food, places to gather with like minded people. Hard work? Yes, but meaningful work, alongside our family. Please pray for us. that God will bless our findings one day with the perfect match for our family.

It was late, about 10:30, when we got home. My bed was comfortable to my super tired muscles. My glutes still hurt yesterday!

Instead of anything for Mother’s Day, I had a “Kid’s Day” yesterday. In some ways, anyway. A couple of weeks ago, Isabelle and Gabriel started asking to have a teaparty. So we did!! I centered our PreK around it all week last week. Gabriel sung I’m a Little Teapot and we had traditional samplings. Except I didn’t have tome to make scones.

1505499_797707356907936_1283929077075999459_n 10300517_797707086907963_3976289471915380013_n 10308164_797706740241331_5224630342331961466_n


It was lots of fun! I loved using my mismatched vintage dishes! The kids want to do it once a week! 😀


Our garden is coming along nicely. I took these Saturday before we left. Yesterday evening we noticed something was munching our bean sprouts. 😦 Hope we can figure it out quick!

lettuce14 garden14A Beans1



Just because they are pretty…. Happy Mother’s Day mamas.



Good night and many blessings!



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