Tasty Pasta dish with hidden veggies!!

I came up with a yummy pasta recipe that even my husband likes! He isn’t a pasta fan. :/ And, though my kids like veggies, I have made it easy to hide some extras in.

It started with a picture on Pinterest  (who is addicted??? Don’t be shy!). After glancing at the recipe I decided a few things. One, like most tomato based pasta dishes, there needed to be more veggies, and two, I needed to use some of our stuff in the freezer, afterall, new produce will be here before we know it. Well, actually, it’s a LOOONG wait…lol!! I SO look forward to garden season! Nothing like biting into food you grew yourself.

Gardening is quite spiritual. Don’t you think? Nourishment for the body by means given to us from only He Who can give!

Anyway…. ❤

As all my recipes suggest, choose ingredients wisely. Grassfed meats, butter, and cheese are always ideal. If not available, please do your body a favor and find products from animals not treated with hormones! And Produce, LOCAL is best!!! Even before organic. BUY LOCAL! KNOW your grower/farmer. 🙂 Happy vibes!! Of course, if you grew it yourself, DOUBLE KUDOS! Now if you don’t have produce on hand or in the freezer, and we are in between seasons, as we are here right now, then look for Organically grown produce, if you can. Always try for the freshest you can get.


Hidden Vegetable Pasta with Pesto Chicken (serves 4-6)

First, you need to make Pesto (or buy it…lol). You will need about a cup.

Marinade your chicken overnight in a gallon ziploc.

-8 tender size, or 3 full sz (cut up) boneless chicken breasts.

-1/2 c Olive Oil

-1/4 c Worcestershire Sauce

-3 crushed or pressed/ minced cloves of garlic

-2 T Pesto



Rest of ingredients and instructions-

Remainder of Pesto (minus the 2 T)

1/2 c Chicken Broth

8oz Tomato Sauce

2 c Zucchini Shreds ( I had this in the freezer!)

1 c Carrots, steamed and pureed in food processor

1 c Half and Half


Start Pasta; I like to add a teaspoon of sea salt to my water.

Pour entire bag into heated skillet, cook meat thoroughly, remove chicken for later.



The the skillet, add, pesto, chicken both, reduce a bit.

Then add zucchini, tomato sauce, carrots, cook to soft boil.

Add  Half and Half. Allow to thicken a bit.

Toss in Pasta.




Serve with chicken on top or side.






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