Gardening for the Soul


So a truckload and a half of mulch, starts, seeds, and plants…. And even better the grass is starting to come back!!

Matt has put a LOT of work into our garden this year. Tons of amendments. We are trying wider rows this year. He dug them all by hand. He figures that the walk behind tractor he wants would have paid for itself this year! 😉

Isabelle has a “mostly” herb garden. We want to add a small “Fairy Garden” area!! Someday maybe. You can see the process of adding more plants, expanding, etc….

Gabriel gets to have the strawberry plants as “his” responsibility. lol!! I think we are going to plant them down the sidewalk, as we added rocks last night to dissuade trampling.

DSCN3974 DSCN3975 DSCN3976 DSCN3977 DSCN3978  DSCN3973 DSCN3577 - Copy???????????????????????????????DSCN3784 - Copy


DSCN3657 - Copy DSCN3660 - Copy DSCN3665 - Copy DSCN3672 - Copy ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? DSCN3680 - Copy DSCN3682 - Copy DSCN3687 - CopyDSCN3972 DSCN3695 - Copy DSCN3707 - Copy DSCN3715 - Copy   DSCN3785



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