Farm Fun Pt 2

On Sunday we loaded up our family and headed to a farm just outside of French Lick, Indiana.

The farm is call Living Roots Ecovillage. The French Lick farm is just getting established. Michael Hicks, the organizer, was offering a free gardening workshop and we are always learning, in all walks of life, especially in our second year of organic gardening. πŸ˜‰ I feel like there is so much we can learn from Michael and I hope we have more opportunities to.

We took the kids, so we missed out on some things, as Gabriel is always hard to take much of anywhere. Poor thing. But I packed his bag with snacks so we got to hear a lot! And, because we took the kids, we got to see things we wouldn’t had and make new friends!

The lecture and Q&A portion of the class was held in the community room; part of a barn with several dining sets, a kitchen, a community washer (clothes are line dried), and a sofa set where you could pour over issues of Mother Earth News. As far as I could tell, all the chairs around the tables were full. There were quite a few of us. Some came from Indy and Lou!

There was an awesome tour, I wish I had gotten more pictures!



After the tour, we enjoyed some herbal tea, grown, picked, dried in a solar oven, and brewed on the farm and its counterpart in Jasper. Yummy!! The kids got restless quickly, though, so Matt took them to play. After awhile I didn’t hear them anymore. I was worried Matt had locked himself in the car with them, so, felling badly, I left before the last hour was over.

But he wasn’t in the car.

So I called.

His phone WAS in the car…..grrrr…..

So I went walking. I found my children happily playing in a dirt hole! πŸ™‚ And Matt chatting with Wendi Davies at the porch of their cabin. Wendi, her husband, and 4 yr old son live in a cabin, freshly built on the farm. Wendi takes care of the many free range chickens and Patrick, her husband, keeps busy on the farm after working his day job in French Lick. It was wonderful making new friends!

Again, I didn’t take many pictures, I didn’t want to disrupt the small amount of privacy the families living on the farm have and I was trying not to photograph anyone else’s children! lol!!



In these pictures you can see the HUGE, lovely window of the Davies’ cabin and their rocket stove!! Beyond Gabriel playing in the dirt is the Apprentice (Intern) cabin. I think 6 of them live there. One was all the way from Arizona!!


It was a good day!! I am so glad we decided to go, even with the kids! πŸ™‚





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