The CUTEST Tiny Tot Backpack!!!

I mentioned before that our family has been doing a good deal of hiking our local National Forest areas. So wonderful to feel the fresh air and sunshine! To hear the life thrumming all around. Makes you feel close to God. Does me anyway!!

My 3.5 year old (he will be 4 in less than 2 months 😦 ) is very rambunctious, but also very tactile. So he LOVES exploring and “Going on Adventures”.

Twice, I have turned to see him with his hands/ arms so full of gumballs (from Gum Tree) or pine cones! He wants to take his findings home to learn and play more! I don’t blame him, I was the same way! 😉 Oh, to be little again!

So a tiny backpack to fit his Almost-4-Year-Old frame was needed! It needed to be easy for him to get into, yet sturdy enough for, oh, say, a few rocks and a water bottle! hahaha!! And real straps, because those string ones aren’t very comfortable.


DSCN3493 DSCN3492 DSCN3497
He loves it! And putting his name on it really made him feel special!  Gabriel wore it for 5 hrs straight! Including in the car (Nothing was in it) and showing it off at a restaurant!!! Score for Mommy! The front overlaps for closure. There is no hardware to get pinched by or caught on.  Just sturdy Interfacing, soft cotton, and plenty of thread (all edges are serged). Easy- Peasy-, Cutesy- Tootsey!!

Have a Blessed night!

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2 thoughts on “The CUTEST Tiny Tot Backpack!!!

  1. Soooo Cute!!! You did a great job. Isn’t it wonderful when kids really like the things you make for them. I always liked making things or mine, still do even though they are all grown up.

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