No Foolin’! Giveaway!! chose #10!!! I numbered from earliest commented! 

Congrats Marianne!! Send over your address!!!



Happy April!!!!!!


It is FINALLY starting to look LIKE SPRING!


Sunday, we took our family for a picnic and hike through Hoosier National. Our walk was in beautiful Hemlock Cliffs!

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We are expecting 70 degrees on this LOVELY first day of April. In fact, though it is still dark out this morning, it is 55! And that is a drop from the 58 it was when Matt left for work. We are planning a small outing to enjoy it with my mom and grandma! 🙂 This weather is doing WONDERFUL things for helping my depression. I know that is something I have not talked about in a long time. I don’t want pity and I don’t want to beat a dead horse. It is part of who I am. I know God is helping me. It gets easier and most days are fairly ok. Sometimes I struggle, though. And that’s ok. I have been through something no mom should have to go through. I can admit that I am weak.


So let’s not FOOL today. It is far too special of a day! Instead, I want to offer a giveway! A Spring- Themed giveaway!


In the package will be an assortment of Spring goodies!! Some will be a SURPRISE! I can promise you it will include bath salts and this beauty! The rest will be my choice. 😉 Think of it as the Easter Bunny visiting!!




Nice and BRIGHT for SPRING!! Yay Spring!!!!


There are 4 possible entries. The first is mandatory!


To enter, comment below, the answer to this; “My favorite thing to do on a beautiful spring day is…”

Get an extra entry for following my blog. Also, for LIKEing my pages, and (BOTH PAGES).  AND if you SHARE (if you share this giveaway, please provide the link as your entry 🙂 )! Leave a separate comment for each entry PLEASE!!

LIKES are in one entry! 🙂

Don’t be sad if you don’t win! I will be offering a coupon code for my ETSY shop after the drawing!

You have until Monday, April 7, 9AM, EST! Good luck and please share!!


Have a beautiful and God-Blessed day!!!


20 thoughts on “No Foolin’! Giveaway!!

  1. My davorite thing to do on a beautiful spring day is take my daughter to the park. Your day out hiking looks like it was amazing! My family needs to dovmore of that!

  2. Favorite thing to do on a Spring day – I think it would be to take the kids to the park 🙂 Or play soccer with them in the backyard.

  3. Favorite thing to do on a spring day……definitely getting outside to work in the garden! And after the chores are done, sitting in a chair in the backyard soaking up the sunshine watching the kids play whatever game they invented.

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  5. HI Alicia! On a spring day, I like to take my littles for nature walks and find flowers, neat rocks, and just have fun watching them enjoy God’s creation!

  6. I “liked” both of your pages, too. Hope you have a blessed day! You are such a strong person and I know God is using your story to help others.

  7. My favorite thing to do on a nice spring day is watch the cows grazing in the pasture. It’s always fun to watch them run the first time they’re let out after a long winter! They’re like a bunch of little kids. You can’t help but smile 🙂

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