Welcome Spring, we have been waiting…

It seems Spring has finally arrived.

This morning, as I was hanging out the laundry, I was serenaded by the sounds of Spring. And, though it was a chilly 34, the high is to be 60 today and SUNNY!

So Welcome Spring. We are so happy you have decided to stay awhile.

Friday we headed out to enjoy the beauty and found ourselves somewhere new. In a round about way we were heading to Hoosier National Forest (via Dale, Santa Claus, Tell City…lol!) We were heading toward the same place we had visited before, but in coming from the South, we veered a new direction.

Twists, turns, and curves later, we found ourselves at German Ridge. The lake and beach were gated, so we drove through the campground. We were looking for a playground, per Gabriel’s request. There was not a playground, per se, not man built anyway. What we discovered was much better!! A playground created by God and it was as if He created it just for us. Just for that moment. We had it all to ourselves!

rock4 rock5 rock6 rock7 rock8 rock9 rocks1 rocks3rock3rock2rocks4rocks2


We loved it so much, playing and discovering somewhere new, that we are off to see more today! Into HNF we go!! Picnic and better footwear this time!! šŸ˜‰







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