Mother’s Day…

Yes, I know it is still a ways away. 44 days, to be exact.

But Mother’s Day is a HARD holiday for me. And this year will be the second hardest ever, following closely to Mother’s Day 2008.

You see, on May 11, 2006 I brought forth a wee babe who stole my heart (as do all children).

28304_125597547452257_4220364_n 28304_125601860785159_5286226_n


Levi Douglas (a name picked somewhat by his great grandfather before he passed away in February 2006) was a happy baby. He was calm and quite, but loved to smile. He loved to snuggle up with me. He loved being outside. He loved animals. His eyes were the most vivid shade of blue…


167523_193549363990408_1317408_n22248_106813109330701_6299343_n 22248_106813952663950_3665031_n


In October 2007, we took our family on a magical 10 day vacation to Disney World!

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Only 5 days after being home he was lost to this earth. It is a journey that is still so very painful. A young man ran a red light and tboned our car. Matt and I weren’t even told for 48 hrs, as we almost died, as well.

And still, we persevere…I have no idea how most days. I miss him! GOD, I MISS HIM!!!! It is still hard to not ask why, but most days I can handle the crushed spirit from grief. Apparently, however, today isn’t one of those days.


28504_125901054088573_7635211_n 31113_122843137727698_4407667_n


His second birthday, our first of many without him, was on Mother’s Day. As it is again this year.  He never really talked, though I knew he could. He just preferred to be quite. I never heard “mommy” from his lips. Someday, I have faith, I will see him again.


Mommy loves you, Little Man…So much…


6 thoughts on “Mother’s Day…

  1. Alicia, my heart goes out to you and your family. I remember Levi as being one of the cutest little boy ever. I loved that curly blond hair. God has blessed you with a wonderful family. I have thought of you often since the accident. May God continue to give you strength to bear this heavy load.

  2. So many hugs and prayers, Alicia. I know he will hug and express the words of how much he loves you one day. I will keep some extra prayers for you on Mother’s Day.

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