My first Giveaway!! Happy St. Patrick’s day!!!!

Thanks everyone who reads my blog and newsletter and who entered my Giveaway!!

I used…. Numbers 1 &5!!

Congrats Heather and Shannon! Email me your address and which design you would like!


If you have been following along, you know I am pretty passionate about trying to live naturally. I believe that is the way God intended when He made us. He made plants that could do amazing things! Not only feed us and other animals, but heal, too.

And, yes, there is a giveaway involved in this post! 😀


My family and I don’t take medications anymore (not even antibiotics unless the kids have something REALLY bad!). Luckily, we haven’t needed to, for the most part. I think most of that is owed to our personal choices on what we feed our bodies. On occasion, however, we have issues. I get headaches. They come and go. The best headache cure I have found (for me, way better than tylenol, advil, etc…) is Peppermint essential oil. I think Peppermint is my favorite oil, EVER! lol! I love using it to make Peppermint mochas, wake me up when I am drowzy with a diffuser, or adding it to make a blend.

With allergy season already bearing down on us, it has helped Gabriel clear up and rest. A life saver for this momma! I will be including the recipe in my next newsletter! 🙂 It will go out shortly. Now if I could figure out the best way to help the baby, maybe I would be sleeping right now!

But here is a hint!! (BTW, you can pick this Package up through my site, for $99! Just look under Party Packages.)


There are a few ways to “diffuse” essential oils. And I have been working on a new one! Clay pendants!! ONE DROP of essential oil lasts 2-3 days! Then you add another, or a different oil. Need a “pick me up” Add a drop of Wild Orange! Need Germ fighting power? A drop of Sheil or Slenderize! (WHAAA??? Slenderize???- YEP! More news to share in a minute….Hold that thought!;) ) Anxiety? Lavender! Do you need help focusing (or maybe one of your children does while doing studies?)? Vetiver has been know to help with ADHD! Didn’t think we had Vetiver? Well, we don’t YET~! Stay tuned! Coming April 1, along with 14 other new oils and oil blends!! Some even Certified Organic! Have a peek!

1477375_430830507063075_1292260181_n 1796651_430830423729750_1497502467_n 1796651_430830810396378_1681362543_n 1896933_430829697063156_1252326207_n

So, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I am giving away 2 clay pendants, on satin cords, with a sample of Lavender! These have beautiful Celtic crosses on them! (or you can choose one of the other designs.. 😉 )

DSCN3330 DSCN3332

Details will be below!

Ok- Slenderize!!! You won’t BELIEVE this stuff is so powerful! Check this out! Earlier this week, another PFC did an E-Coli experiment. E-coli absolutely hated our slenderize and wouldn’t grow in it, nor did they like our Shield, followed by tea tree oil and peppermint. So if you are having tummy troubles, maybe you might want to think about using our slenderize!

1891167_431613663651426_141739973_n 1922474_431613710318088_1249256988_n 1972473_431613676984758_2106276430_n

AND!!! We just happen to have a GREAT sale starting Wednesday that includes Slenderize (which is sooo yummy in water!)

1456021_277561692407139_1978585529_n 1978866_277561345740507_666465037_n

We are SO close in our race to 1000!!! It would mean the world to me, if you have even considered this company as a business, to sit in on a call this week, no obligations! If it spikes your interest, then you can talk to me about questions/ concerns. I would not want anyone to miss out!!

Simply Aroma has three more days of webinars for those interested in signing up for the FREE kit special we have right now! TUESDAY (day and evening), THURSDAY evening, and FRIDAY evening. There are only a few hundred spots left to fill, so don’t wait! Register for your webinar here – – you’ll receive a confirmation email and another one the day before with a reminder. After the webinar, go to and use the code you were given to join and get your free kit. You may also apply it toward the purchase of a larger kit, if you choose! New consultants pay only $20 shipping and tax.


About that giveaway! 😉

You can have up to 4 entries! You will need to leave a separate comment telling me for each entry!

1-Register for the race to 1000 webinar

2-Follow themostlycrunchyfarmgirl

3-Book an April party.

4- Leave your email to be added to my newsletter, or comment that you are a subscriber.

We still have great party specials!

1904139_10201435716164606_1240401200_n 1913279_271834386313203_234260702_o sign

Have a blessedly green day!!!

Open to US. Winner to be drawn 3/20/14 9AM EST


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