Did you eat a rainbow today?

Food is pretty important. More specifically, good, nutritionally dense food! We try to eat hormone and antibiotic free meats, preferably grassfed or harvested by us. We strive for organic and local grown produce as much as possible. Grains are organic usually (we buy in bulk, beans, too) , and we drink raw milk. We don’t do highly processed; no boxed mac and cheese, freezer pizzas, or store bought bread (except occasionally). And I love color! Yep….

If you have not noticed before, I work very hard to feed my family a well rounded, colorful meal. A rainbow! Here are the rainbows we have eaten the past couple of days!

Last Night’s dinner; Sesame Noodles (organic whole grain pasta) with Venison stir fry.

DSCN3313 DSCN3314

Fun snack today! Homemade gummies! Strawberry and orange with beef gelatin.

DSCN3315 DSCN3316

Tonight; Honey Garlic Grilled Chicken and a Quinoa salad. The salad will go in the cookbook! Isabelle wouldn’t stop eating it!! And she doesn’t usually like these kinds of salads, or quinoa…or ZUCCHINI!!! lol! Love that I got to set it on my new plate!!

DSCN3319 DSCN3320

And dessert… An altered recipe for Blackberry Cheesecake Mousse…. Another HIT! Sorry I don’t have a better picture. 🙂


I have a happy family, needless to say!

Did you eat a rainbow today???

God Bless!!!


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