Sorry I am just getting this up….I wanted to Tuesday evening, but I didn’t get a chance.

Tuesday was so BEAUTIFUL!!We spent the morning playing in the muddy yard, letting the animals get some sunshine and love, and soaking it in!

DSCN3218 DSCN3227 DSCN3217

Even watched the mud magically turn to dirt! lol!!


After finishing of sugaring more sap (we have now made half a gallon of PURE MAPLE SYRUP!) and roasting hotdogs,  we hopped in my van (yep it is fixed!) and went for a drive. Temperature was rising, topping out at 80 degrees!! I even put the boys in shorts, Isabelle and I donned skirts. So wonderful….

We weren’t positive where we were heading, but we ended up at O’Bannon State Park. If you have never been, I HIGHLY recommend it! The naturalist at the nature center went above and beyond, walking us around, talking with us (past his time to leave), and getting critters out for my kids to get up close and personal with. The trail loop right next to the nature center is perfect as well! 6 ft wide, gravel and boardwalk. There is also a really cool pioneer village to explore. They have a working haypress, and farm animals. Isabelle got to love on a donkey! The kids STILL wants a donkey!!!

DSCN3231 DSCN3235 ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? DSCN3244 DSCN3246 DSCN3247 DSCN3251 DSCN3254 DSCN3255 DSCN3258 DSCN3259 ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? DSCN3268 DSCN3276 DSCN3279 ??????????????????????????????? DSCN3281 DSCN3282 DSCN3291 ??????????????????????????????? DSCN3296 DSCN3300 RSCN3308

Sadly, it got cold again… 😦 We even had SNOW last night. I know there is light at the end, though… Spring…. 🙂

So while it is cold, we are schooling and cleaning. Hopefully, it will be warm enough to stretch a bit later. Meanwhile, we are finishing up PK for the day, complete with Raffi, Barenaked Ladies (children), and other great tunes on Pandora.

DSCN3312 DSCN3310


PS- I went to take my grandma some Whipped Pain Butter yesterday! She got out of the Assisted Living Rehab, and went home! She looked fabulous! The best I have seen her look in a long time! Thank you for your prayers!!! Please continue to pray for my dear friend facing health issues with adrenal system. I haven’t heard from her in a week or so, I pray she has GOOD NEWS!!! ❤

I have 2 more friends I’d like to add;

A friend of mine is battling thyroid cancer, completely naturally. She has a house full of children who need her, including a wee babe. The baby has some health issues, as well, both have been getting treatments, and mama is tired, she needs strength to keep going, some will to not get down, because her strength is the stuff I wish I had! ❤ If you feel in your heart to need to help this family out, please email me.


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