More ICE…. :/

Yep, more Ice today….and now snow…. Ready for Spring. lol! But it is kinda pretty. So long as we don’t get anymore, anyway!




Worked with OILS today! I made “Relaxation Bath Salts”. I sent the recipe in my very first newsletter! If you sent me an email you should be getting it!! Do you WANT to get recipes and occasionally samples in the mail? Email me your Name, Address, and email! I will happily add you!


Also played with some gloss. I colored them with edible cake glitter. Still working the recipe out though. The colors are wonderfully sheer, just a hint of sparkle. The formula is very light on, but almost too light. It doesn’t last long enough. So a- tweaking I go!!




Made a Raw dinner the other night, excpet the grilled chicken, an asian grilled chicken salad. I used my mandolin to make carrots almost windowpane and finely shredded red cabbage for Sawyer. He was SOOO cute being my Raw Food Baby!!! šŸ˜€

DSCN2973 ??????????????????????????????? DSCN2976


Good night and God Bless!!!



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