Day to Day…

It’s amazing how an ordinary day at home can still have surprises. Gods handiwork is bound to be seen, but sometimes overlooked.

Yesterday, we took the kids to a field trip to see some raptors. Beautiful birds! Even with their injuries.

DSCN2698 DSCN2686


We came home, checked eggs and what a surprise…



One was teensy and one was shaped like a duck egg! Isn’t amazing how eggs can be so different? Each day the shades of brown vary and even the shape! God’s handiwork… 🙂


Mail help surprises, too! I got the new oils (ylang-ylang and Fractionated Coconut, available in our Valentine Gift set) from Simply Aroma!! Yay!!  And some fun mica powder, to give my homemade bath salts fun, but still very NATURAL coloration!



Get your honey a Valentine special, Romance & Spa,  here:


Wonder what surprises we will find tomorrow?


Gob Bless…


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