Recycling Feed Bags and Valentine Fun!

For about 8 months now, I have asked Isabelle and Matt to amass the empty plastic feed bags in a pile for me to make totes from.

Well, between life, homeschooling, and other circumstances, I never get time for ME. I haven’t sewn in months. I have plans! They just never happen. 😦 The only thing I ever seem to have time for is working on my cookbook, because, well, we HAVE to EAT! 😀


With some encouraging from Matt I FINALLY got one done yesterday!!! It isn’t perfect and I learned a few things on the way, but it may make a GREAT beginner sewing class. 😉 With a bit of tweaking I just may do that!! I know a few ladies, locally, who were interested in learning how to use their machines.

DSCN2635 ???????????????????????????????


Excited to take it shopping today!!!


Tomorrow is our homeschool co-op’s Valentine get together. So the kids have been making their “gifts”. The boys stickered and stamped the back of construction paper for homemade cards. Isabelle is making pencil toppers out of pipe cleaners. Taking her awhile, ;).  And I am signing envelopes to stick them all in.



Have a blessed day!


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