Sorry to have disappeared…

I don’t even know HOW to begin to catch you up. lol! For the past few weeks we have been battling Ol Man Winter, a concussion, and cabin fever! The concussion is a long story. It isn’t me, but Matt and it happened at work. I can’t get into it anymore right now, except to ask for prayers. He is doing a bit better, but we are going to have a fight on out hands with the company.


So happy things!!!


I decided to start working with Geography a few minutes each morning. The kids are doing these activities together, with Isabelle having a bit extra. We did the World one morning and moved on to China, since it is Lunar New Year.

DSCN2556 DSCN2557

We had a 100 day party… A few days late…lol! The kids made a snack mix with 100 things. It was so fun counting them out with Gabriel. 😉 Isabelle’s is the one that LOOKS organized, but Gabriel PURPOSEFULLY placed EACH piece on his!

DSCN2576 DSCN2566 DSCN2578

Of course, there have been animal shenanigans! Silly goats!

DSCN2586 DSCN2582

And as usual LOTS of yumminess!!! 😀 Isabelle worked on bread for home ec last week. We made soup on the wood burner. Twice! Savory Scarborough Soup (potato) and Chicken Noodle!! And I made another new recipe for my cookbook. Delicate Squash Stew.

??????????????????????????????? DSCN2590 DSCN2591

DSCN2597 ??????????????????????????????? DSCN2600 DSCN2602

DSCN2587 DSCN2593 DSCN2595


Yesterday we put 8 Maple Taps out. No sap yet, it was too cold. There were flurries all around and I was slipping and sliding in Matt’s work boots (but staying warm in my new fleece lined leggings!). I broke my toe late Friday night and they were the only shoes I could get on. :/

??????????????????????????????? DSCN2610 DSCN2631 DSCN2632


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