Everyone pitches in.

Getting a homestead started is a lot of work.  A year into it and we are NO where near where we want to be. But every little bit is that much closer. And around here, everyone helps with what they can.

It’s Isabelle’s job to take care of the animals, with the exception of lugging lg feed bags, filling the chicken feeder and waterer,  and haying the goats. She collects eggs, lets the chickens out and puts them up (usually 😉 ), feeds the cats and dog (and waters), and cares for her 17 “Belle’s Bunnies”. Today that happened to mean allowing them free range time! They LOVE playing in the yard! (The next 4 pictures were taken by Isabelle).

DSCN2124 (2)DSCN2126 (2)


And good news! Our chickens are starting to pick up on laying again! We got 5 eggs today! One this morning and 4 this afternoon!

DSCN2137 (2) DSCN2141 (2)


Now, Gabriel is limited on how much he can do, but, bless his heart, he wants to help! He gets so excited! And a lil direction certainly helps some days! This morning he really wanted to help make laundry soap. So I let him work on grating the Castile soap. It too FOREVER and he needed help several times. 😉



My favorite chore is working on my creations! Which I often don’t have time for. Except for meals! Cause we gotta eat anyway! So I get to work on my cookbook!!! Tonight I worked on a creamy garlic laden pasta dish!! So yummo! Even my husband who isn’t a big pasta fan, loved it!!



Well, tomorrow will be a LOONG day. It was beautiful out today, so the kids spent a lot of time enjoying it. Back to work tomorrow! Isabelle is starting a new writing curriculum soon. Gotta finish the LA she has now.


Night and God Bless!


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