A last minute trip to KY

Yep. We packed up and did it. We drove down to Metcalfe Co and inquired. Boy was it interesting…

Our trip began Friday morning, a bit later than we would have liked, but that’s ok. After a couple stops in Owensboro, KY (Moonlight BBQ for lunch), we were off.

We arrived in Edmonton, KY, at the square, at 2:30. First we tried the old courthouse, but we didn’t see any people when we opened the door, so we tried the new one. They redirected us back to the old one. lol! After climbing the uneven stairs, we found our office! Metcalfe Co PVA office.

DSCN2486 DSCN2487 DSCN2488 DSCN2489 DSCN2490

The people up on the second floor were quite nice! And bless them, they tried so hard to help us. You see, we thought we’d just pull up a map and get a name! Easy – peasy! Right?!

Not quite…

After consulting 2 county aerial maps, and borrowing a gentleman from the office across the hall, AND an hour of chasing my littles in an exposed wire and gas heaters,Β  cracked, second- story windows, 150 yr old building (though it had tons of character! I really loved the old quilt in the court room!), we found out little that was helpful.

DSCN2495 DSCN2491

The property that had been on our minds and hearts for nearly a year was owned by 3, THREE!, different people! At least, according to the maps. The name we were given was not one of those people, as it seemed tracking these folks down might be tough, but instead an older gentleman who lived in a cabin near the easement. So that was to be our next stop.


We crossed the bridge of the East Fork of the Barren Rv (Matt and I think it is much more like a creek ), passed the easement drive, and found an old log home, with some modern additions, a lovely cedar porch, and knocked on the door. Sadly the Mister of the home was still working, and the Missus, well, she wasn’t much help. After talking with her about 45 min we found out that she “really don’t know anything” about the property, but if “there’s a white truck in the driveway tomorrow, George (name changed) is here”.

So what to do??

Drive up the easement, sure, why not…??? Turned out to be quite muddy, so we didn’t dare cross the river. No one would have found us if we got stuck, likely, and we didn’t know anyone. Scary thought, kinda… So I took pictures on the way. And you can see, across the river is a muddy road, that is how you get to the main part of said property.

DSCN2497 DSCN2499 DSCN2500 DSCN2501 DSCN2503

2 rowdy toddlers were having a fit being stuck in the car. The tiny, 1950’s motel in Edmonton was NOT going to be toddler (or family of 5, likely) friendly. So we opted to stay in Cave City. It was a bit out of the way, but we love the Amish community in that area. They are so friendly! And Isabelle was begging for a new Amish hat from Detweiler’s. We stayed at a Sleep Inn and headed into Munfordville, to visit Salvage Grocery Saturday morning. Home of MONSTER donuts! We are a donut loving family. Sadly it shows in my middle. πŸ˜‰

DSCN2504 DSCN2505

From there, we drove toward Cub Run to visit Detweiler’s and a hardware store down the road. It was beautiful! Clouds were opening up to a blue sky. Ice was melting. Carriages were racing down the roads. The kids were happy for the moment… It was sooo nice! Sadly the blue sky didn’t last, the clouds returned, but we enjoyed our trip! I sure wish I had paid more attention to the name of that hardware store. Matt talked to the gentleman (also Amish) who owned it on and off for a good hour and a half, about a new woodstove and solar equipment. I went in and out. The kids watched a DVD and the buggies going by. Sawyer LOVED the horses! He squealed at them to come back when they passed, with his face pressed to the window. ❀

DSCN2506 DSCN2507 DSCN2508 DSCN2510 DSCN2511 DSCN2512

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? DSCN2515 ???????????????????????????????

Matt and I were a bit indecisive on driving back to Edmonton to see if George was home. We wouldn’t know until we got there, he may not have an answer about who owned the property, and it was an hour the wrong way. We finally decided to go. If we didn’t we would always wonder.

So, about 4:30, we pulled into George’s drive. There was a white SUV (not a truck, but we hoped it was him) parked. Indeed he was there. Matt and George talked for about 30 min. I sat in the car with the kids (who were more unhappy than ever to be in the car). Finally, Matt thanked him and we headed out.

What did we learn?

Another man bought said property (sounded like it was after the listing ended). According to George, he paid $6000 less than what we wanted to offer, that the realtor talked us out of (at the time the realtor told us that someone else had offered about $5000 more than what we wanted to offer and it was turned down. We also learned that this man had purchased about 500 acres up in the area and was leasing another 400 (I think that is what Matt told me). So more than likely he will not want to sell it.

A sad day my friends…

On the way home we stopped at a LOVELY coffee shop in Glasgow. Mo’s, I believe. Great place if you are ever that way!! I met some sweet local ladies. We chatted oils, property, kids, ect.. We exchanged information. Always nice to make a new friend! πŸ™‚

That’s it in slightly more than a nutshell. πŸ˜‰ LOL!!!

Night! God Bless.


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