Property for our Homestead

Nearly a year ago, my family and I embarked on our first trip to look at property for a homestead. We had bought a great book, Strategic Relocation, and started considering what we wanted. More importantly, what we needed.

Over the year our thoughts have wavered on what might be more important. Instead of a land-locked property, 2 hrs from a large town, maybe we wanted to be near a National Park where we could offer cabin rentals. Instead of solar power, maybe we wanted on water where we could have hydro power. Did we want 80 acres all our own for farming, hunting, gathering; or would 25 acres butted against thousands of govt owned public land be better???

We scoured properties on the internet. Starting, first, with Kentucky, because it is still close. Branching out the Missouri, Wyoming, Idaho, West Virginia, we even briefly considered Texas, Montana, Washington, Arizona, and Colorado! We looked at SEVERAL places in Kentucky. Again, close.

The very first property we looked at in Kentucky was land- locked. It had a 3/4 mi easement that we couldn’t get down in our van without getting stuck. You had to cross a RIVER (large creek) and drive up a steep mud hill to get to the best part of the property. After the realtor showed us around in his truck, we took a 4 wheeler for several hours and explored on our own, as a family. This property had so many wonderful qualities! But getting to it was a concern (and getting building supplies to it), the cliff overhang on one side was a worry (2000′ borders said river above). It was still 3 hours from home and too far for Matt to drive to work.

But it was so beautiful. So much potential….

These are from the internet listing.

41L_05 41L_14 41L_15 41L_22

From our visit.

Phone 2039 Phone 2033 Phone 2031 Phone 2027

Phone 2092 Phone 2085 Phone 2075

Phone 2074 Phone 2069 Phone 2060 Phone 2056Phone 2055 Phone 2049 Phone 2046 Phone 2042Phone 2024

We talked to the realtor about what we would offer. He told us they turned down an offer for a few thousand more. So we sat on it. Eventually, it was taken off the market.

Over the year, we compared every property back to this one. This property has been the subject of dozens of conversations each month.

Did we miss the opportunity of a lifetime? More trouble than it was worth? Will we ever know?

The past 2 weeks or so have brought this property into focus nearly everyday.

Yesterday, Matt called the County to see if we pointed it out on a map (because we know EXACTLY where it is!) if they could provide us with contact information for the owners. They said they can! So a trip may be underway this week. We need prayers and thoughts. What is the answer here? We can only take a leap.

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Property for our Homestead

  1. Hi Alicia, Wow! THAT is some beautiful country isn’t it? It reminds me of our drive to my late Aunts home in W.VA. We had to drive across a river like that, walk across a rickety foot bridge and under some cliff overhangs like that too. It has always stuck in my memory.
    I will help you Pray for what God wants for you and your family!
    Judy aka:herblady55

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