Essential Oils and how I got on this path.

Last year, I began a journey. The journey to satisfy an impulse. The impulse to learn what I can do to to improve the health and well- being of my family. Naturally. The way I feel God intended us to live.

As I began, one thing kept popping up. Essential Oils. What were these oils? How could they benefit my family?


The more I read, the more I learned I could clean naturally, heal naturally, and feel better. So I bought some oils online. They were ok. You live and you learn. They weren’t overly pricey, but they also didn’t seen to deserve the hype. I used them though.

The year progressed, more research ensued throughout. Essential Oils still seemed tantamount. Then I began seeing that QUALITY might make a difference. I contacted a friend and began using a very well known brand. She was helpful as she could be getting me started. And I could tell a difference! These were certainly BETTER oils! And oh the MANY uses! So much more than I found to start with! Headache, there is an oil for that! Stress? There is an oil for that! Eczema? YEP! Oil for that! Strained muscles, sore throat, flu, diarhhea, poor circulation, arthritis!!!! It keeps going!

Fast forward a few more months.

Another friend contacts me about a new company. One not even open for business yet. One looking for consultants. Well, I had a good brand of oils. And a fear of new companies (due to an unfortunate experience with a jewelry company a few years ago). But she and I talked about it a bit. I took a LEAP. OF. FAITH.

The company?

Simply Aroma.

Earlier today yet another friend asked me way the change. Here is what I told her. Bare Honesty.

  • One, I had just started with the other company, so didn’t have a customer base. Seemed like if I were going to switch or take a chance on another company, it should be soon.
  • I was told and promised these oils were of the same quality (pass the exact same tests) if not better than doTERRA and Young Living. This was later backed by the “Simply Pure” promise.
  • I was able to start with a company at ground level, get my kit for free, and possibly earn the title of Presidential Founder with the company.
  • The brothers (Andrew Khong and brother) who started the company were doing everything right! They had experience, financial backing, and were using the best resources.

If you are curious about Oils or about Simply Aroma, I’d love to help you.


Or maybe you want to book a party! Earn some freebies!?



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