Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas my Dears!!!!!

I hope this day fills your heart with love, merryment, and peace as only a day such as Christmas can give. ❤

I got a fantastic Christmas surprise in today’s mail!



That’s me!! Handwritten on the envelope in top of the box.

The first item out of the box was a letter from co- founder, Andrew Khong. Thank you for the welcome!!



A classy sample display for parties of the first 13 oils! Approximately 20 more will be added over 2014. Yay!!




Everything is out. The diffuser works beautifully. The oils seem superb.  Isabelle and I diffused Shield, a blend similar to Thieves Oil (On Guard for dT). Sawyer wanted to smell the oils, even. It was quite the family affair!

So now I can announce! My website is LIVE!!! Feel free to browse the 100% pure certified therapeutic grade oils and diffuser offered on my site. Schedule a party!

If you are local, lets do a make and take party or an open house style. If you aren’t local, how about a book party!

Hostesses earn credits for FREE OILS!!!

Check it out here:

Enjoy your family. Stay safe and warm. God bless you! Merry Christmas!!! ❤ We will be diffusing Frankincense while opening gifts around the tree in the morning.



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